The argument from passport

Why are so many women pretending not to know what they’ve known ever since they were about 10 years old?

Like Labour MP Angela Eagle pretending not to know why women don’t want men bouncing into the women’s toilets.

Gender-critical feminists want trans women to show their passports to use public lavatories, a veteran Labour MP has claimed.

Dame Angela Eagle, who is standing to be a Commons committee chairman, said lavatories were being “policed” at the expense of those who don’t conform to gender norms.

[Patiently but through gritted teeth] No, that’s wrong. That’s a falsehood. We’re just saying women need toilets/lavatories/restrooms for women and men have to stay out of them as men have always had to stay out of them. We don’t want to “police” them, we just want men to stay the fuck out of them.

The MP for Wallasey said the heated debate about trans people using single-sex spaces revolved around “recreating and then enforcing” gender stereotypes.

There. That’s the bit where she pretends not to know what she does know. It’s nothing to do with gender stereotypes just as it always has been.

This would make it clear that trans women have to use the men’s lavatories, while trans men have to use the ladies’, Dame Angela said.

Why are we saying “men’s” and “ladies'”? How about consistency? Either gentlemen’s and ladies’ or men’s and women’s. I, for one, don’t identify as a “lady.”

She added: “Whilst that may affect a small number of people, the actual effect is that loads of non-gender-conforming women will effectively be being policed in their use of public facilities.

“We’ve never had to show a passport to get into the toilet before. I dread to think what else they might want us to show if they change the law.”

So her point is that women who say they are men will get policed. I suppose that might happen, but I can’t really work up much sympathy. The trans army has zero sympathy for anyone else, so I find my organs of compassion have taken a beating over the years.

“This is all about recreating and then enforcing appearance, behaviour, making certain that you actually behave and look the way your sex, your gender ought to look,” she said.

No, it isn’t. That’s not true. It’s about hanging on to women’s rights until our fingers bleed.

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