The gnostic no-contact

Wait though.

Scary Jeffrey says “I coach a lot of people one on one who want to go no contact with their parents and cannot bring themselves to admit it.”

If they can’t bring themselves to admit it then how does he know they want to?

It has to be a kind of gnosis, right? A superior mystical inward Knowledge that special people like Jeffrey Marsh have and others lack?

Which is how the whole ideology works, isn’t it. People have superior mystical inward gnosis that they are the Other sex despite what their bodies look like on the outside. The special enlightened awakened people who Know this are the ones deputized to inform the rest of us of this magical new Enlightenment.

So what Jeffrey March means by “coach people” is that he pushes them to make enemies of their parents even though they have told him they don’t want to.

They feel guilty, they feel awful, they know it’s the right thing they wanna do and they can’t admit it.

They know it’s the right thing they wanna do even though they say it isn’t, and Jeffrey Marsh is the magical gnostic seer who Knows what they want despite what they tell him they want.

The guy is a horror show all by himself.

[Updating to point out that the tweet is wrong about teens; Marsh doesn’t specify age.]

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