The influence can’t be tackled

Why we can’t have anything nice ever:

Schools across the UK are encountering increasing numbers of pupils who admire [social media misogynist Andrew] Tate – and so teachers are having to work out how to respond.

Some are actively putting out guidance on how to talk about him, as part of a concerted attempt to tackle his influence.

“A lot of the boys can see that there’s parts of Andrew Tate that they respect and admire, and then there’s parts that they don’t – they know that he says a lot of terrible things,” says Ms Carson, 46, who teaches Learning for Life and Work – Northern Ireland’s equivalent of PSHE in England’s schools.

They know he says a lot of terrible things that their teachers disapprove of, but that’s what they like. We can’t have feminism without having also the reaction against it.

Like this guy. He does it as a deliberate provocation, and says so. There are always going to be Tates and Urquharts.

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