The lawyers having the most fun

Charles Pierce on Murdochs and Foxes:

If I had to guess, I’d say that the lawyers having the most fun these days are the ones handling the defamation suit against the Fox News Channel and the extended Murdoch clan. Every now and then (most recently on Monday), they get to release another tranche of documents related to the case that make Fox look like the malevolent entity it always has been; that make the elite political journalists who have stood up for them over the years look like unusually useful idiots; and that make the Murdochs look like the invasive predatory species they are. This is a public service of immeasurable value. The lawyers must be convulsing with laughter over whiskey and appetizers when the workday is done…

In some ways, it’s comforting to realize that Fox’s malfeasance was based on pure greed, overwhelming venality, and a frantic desire to maintain its audience. Those at least are motivations we can all understand, rather than some unfathomable, twisted ideological dementia afflicting an entire television news network. However, in all other ways, the revelations have given us a window into how Fox prefers to be greedy, venal, and frantic rather than to cease pumping out the poison that even some of its own executives believed to be damaging American democracy.

The greed explanation is sort of comforting, for the simple reason that it save us the bother of trying to figure out a more…erm…reasonable explanation. Like – “Do they actually believe this shit? Stupid question; no, of course not, it’s just what they do to keep the cash rolling in.”

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