Their identity formally recognised

The Guardian on changing the Equality Act:

A significant change to the 2010 Equality Act is being pursued by the government, which would redefine “sex” to refer specifically to a person’s sex at birth. That would be designed to make it legal for those who are transgender to be banned from single-sex spaces and events, such as book groups and hospital wards.

Book groups? Is it currently illegal to have all-women book groups? Really?

Currently, trans people can have their identity formally recognised by applying for a gender recognition certificate.

What does that mean? What does “their identity” mean? Identity isn’t a synonym for sex. This issue is such a mess of lies and obfuscation that it becomes necessary to re-write everything that’s said about it, because it’s always so misleading and confused.

This affirms their gender change in law, allowing them to update their birth or adoption certificate and have their gender recognised on a marriage or death certificate.

In other words they have state permission to falsify their sex on official documents.

That process is not expected to change, but the equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, wants to make a clearer distinction in law between those who are born a particular sex and those who transition or identify as a gender different from their birth one.

Between the normies and the magic people.

Those who advocate for sex-based rights say it would affirm hard-fought protections for those who are born biologically female. But the impact on trans people would probably be detrimental.

Only if you think they absolutely have to be able to say they are what they are not at all times and in all situations. If you think the detriment to billions of women is far less important than the notional detriment to a tiny number of trans people, you’re delusional.

Critics of changing the Equality Act also say trans people would feel they were being targeted, with the potential for real-world hostility towards them rising.

No, you know what’s doing that? All this deranged over-reach. Telling women to shut up and fuck off and kiss the ring. Bullying women while treating men who claim to be women like darling little kittens. Taking women’s rights away and giving them to men. That kind of thing.

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