This individual is an absolute nightmare

News from Ireland:

Dangerous inmate Barbie Kardashian has been transferred to a male prison – but remains under a restricted regime for the safety of others, we can reveal. Sources say that Kardashian, who identifies as a trans woman after she secured a gender recognition certificate, has been moved into Limerick Prison’s D block in recent days in the men’s side of the jail. The lag had been housed in an isolation unit of the now-old female part of the prison, which has since closed after the opening of a brand new facility there recently.

Golly, they don’t write very well at the Irish Mirror – but I guess we get the idea.

A factor behind the move to the male prison is because of Kardashian’s behaviour towards women. But measures are in place for the safety of others. This means that she is only allowed out of her cell when other inmates are locked into theirs.

More bad writing. I guess the point is that he was moved to the male prison because he’s dangerous to women, but he’s also just plain dangerous, so he can’t leave his cell unless the other male inmates are locked into theirs. Yer Hannibal Lecter type, who can break through all shackles.

A number of prison officers must also be present when she is outside her cell. A source explained: “This individual is an absolute nightmare to deal with. She is extremely violent towards women and poses a huge threat to inmates and staff. She is in the men’s prison now which is a change-up but it’s only recently. There haven’t been any incidents of note yet but there are still huge fears around her. So with that, staff are taking no chances and she’s on a restricted regime and there’s a number of factors around that. But it’s in place for the safety of prison officers and inmates, that’s the priority here.”

The pronoun nonsense is especially irritating here.

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