I’ve been thrashing around for what feels like hours trying to find clean clips of Trump’s deposition – clean in the sense of being just deposition, not 80% talking head commentary and 20% deposition – when I finally remembered Aaron Rupar has them all.

(Why do I want them? To pick apart Trump’s “thinking.”)

That she’s not my type? Yeah. [squares his shoulders pugnaciously] Because it’s not politically correct to say it [swings his head defiantly] and I know that but I’ll say it anyway.

There, that’s some of his “thinking.” It’s a new, trendy, silly, pretentious, politically correct idea that one should not make a point of telling people you think they’re ugly.

No, Donald, you festering heap of sadism, it’s not a new politically correct idea that you don’t tell people they’re ugly and you don’t tell the world which women you think are ugly. It’s just absolutely basic manners and consideration for other people and not being a foul hateful punk all the time. You’re “saying it anyway” because you are a foul hateful punk and a sadist and you love to insult people. You do it every chance you get. It’s you all over.

He rages about being accused of rape, of rrrrape, and then says

and you know, you know it’s not true too, you’re a political operative also, you’re a disg, you’re a disgrace, but she’s accusing me, and so are you, of rrrape, and it never took place, and I will tell you, I made that statement, I said “Well it’s politically incorrect, she’s not my type, and that’s a hundred percent true.”

There’s a little burst of rage there when he tells the lawyer “you too” – he loses his temper in the middle of a sentence, and doesn’t have the brains or control to conceal it. He almost told her she’s disgusting and just barely caught it in time.

He’s a completely warped rotting corrupted human being.

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