Unsubtle manipulation

This is stupid reporting. The Irish Independent:

A demonstration was held in Dublin city today in protest against a rally held by an ‘anti-trans’ campaigner.

Why does the protest against the rally come before the rally itself? Why isn’t the reporting about the rally first and only then the protest against it? And why say “by an ‘anti-trans’ campaigner” instead of something less pejorative? Why isn’t the lede more like “Gender-critical feminists held a rally in Dublin city today, and were met with protests”?

And that’s only the first sentence.

British activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, better known as Posie Parker, held one of her Let Women Speak events in Merrion Square this afternoon.

A counter-protest was planned “in support of trans people” following Parker’s announcement she was coming to Dublin. The LGBTQ+ community and allies were encouraged to “bring all the noise and joy you have” and “drown out supporters of Posie Parker”.

Well there you are. A bad person came to Dublin, and good people protested in support of her tragic victims; the good people brought all the noise and joy they had.

Really fabulous reporting; well done.

Demonstrators gathered outside Dáil Éireann at 11am and marched towards Parker’s Merrion Square event. Protestors were kept separate from the Let Women Speak event by gardaí and barriers. The pro-trans counter protest chanted “trans rights are human rights” and “get Posie Parker off our streets”. Critics of Parker have labelled her ‘anti-trans’. She has described herself in interviews as a “women’s rights activist”.

But the Irish Independent knows better, wink wink nudge nudge.

There’s more of the same. It’s very irritating.

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