What views?

The Age solemnly repeats the stupid lies. The reporter has a thumbnail photo in a full hijab, so we know she’s very progressive.

Opposition leader John Pesutto will move to expel controversial Liberal MP Moira Deeming from the parliamentary party room after she attended a rally that has been associated with neo-Nazis.

Has it all, doesn’t it – “has been associated with.” By whom? Oh, you know, people who want to expel her. “Associated with” in what sense? Oh, you know, was in the same area as. Were the neo-Nazis part of the rally? No, they invaded it against the wishes of the women who were there to talk about women’s rights. Ok so how is that a reason to expel her??? Oh, you know, we want to, and it’s there.

In other words this is sly, derogatory, underhanded, shit reporting.

Deeming attended the Let Women Speak rally organised by British anti-trans rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull at Parliament House on Saturday.

More sly, derogatory, underhanded, shit reporting. KJK is not anti genuine rights of trans people, she’s anti new, claimed, bogus “rights” that demolish women’s rights.

About 30 people from neo-Nazi group the National Socialist Network, dressed in black and most with their faces covered, attended the protests on Spring Street supporting Keen-Minshull, repeatedly performing the salute and holding up a sign using offensive anti-trans language.

Uninvited, unwanted, unprevented by the cops. It’s not the women’s fault that the Nazis invaded.

Pesutto on Sunday night announced he had met with Deeming earlier that day, and discussed her involvement in “organising, promoting and participating in a rally with speakers and other organisers who themselves have been publicly associated with far right-wing extremist groups including neo-Nazi activists”.

“Associated with”; see above.

The opposition leader moved against Deeming, whose views on transgender issues are well documented, because she was promoting the event and had attended a karaoke night with the organisers.

Note the total failure so far to spell out what’s wrong with the actual views of the women at the rally. Could that be because they know there’s nothing wrong with them?

Deeming also appeared in a video with Keen-Minshull, who made comments that in the UK trans rights activists were posing as neo-Nazi agitators at women’s rights rally to smear their cause.

And that can’t be true because the reporter and the opposition leader are determined to stamp KJK and Deeming as Nazi-fans.

Pesutto said her planned expulsion was not about restricting free speech, but denouncing the actions of a Liberal MP who associated with people whose views were “abhorrent” to his, the party’s and the wider community’s values.

Which views? What are these views that are so abhorrent to The Wider Community? They haven’t named one yet.

“The Liberal Party I joined and which I am now honoured to lead, must strive to represent all Victorians,” the opposition leader said. “Regardless of religious faith, race, sexual preference and identity, Victorians everywhere should know that the Liberal Party is inclusive and can be a voice for them.”

Again – airy nothing. What are the evil views???

Senior Liberal sources, not authorised to comment publicly, said Deeming was hauled before the parliamentary leadership team late on Sunday to explain her conduct at the rally and why she remained until the end even when a group performed neo-Nazi salutes on the steps of Parliament.

The leadership team, made up of Pesutto, David Southwick, Georgie Crozier and Matthew Bach, were adamant Deeming’s views were incompatible and she must be expelled from the party room.

What views? She still hasn’t said. This is shockingly bad reporting.

There are several more paragraphs. Still no information about “the views.” Journalistic malpractice.

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