A Sieg Heil salute on the parliamentary steps

Edie Wyatt at Spectator Australia on the naughty women:

Moira [D]eeming was recently elected to the Victorian Upper House, and is a former local councillor and school teacher. In her maiden speech, Deeming presented a clear platform for women’s rights and talked about her broad association with more left-leaning woman in solidarity against gender identity ideology.

The women’s rights rally has since been skirmished by neo-Nazis who proceeded to do a Sieg Heil salute on the parliamentary steps where the women were speaking.

It is interesting to note that Antifa were present to protest the women’s event but at no point objected to the neo-Nazis. The neo-Nazis were dressed in very basic black shorts and T-shirts and black masks and carried a sign that said ‘destroy paedo freaks’ (which is a sign the women’s campaigners would not have carried, obviously).

That is interesting. It’s almost as if the whole point is to demonize feminist women no matter what, while letting misogynist men and indifferent men and outright Nazis off the hook. It’s almost as if a hell of a lot of people just hate feminist women, full stop, and can’t believe their luck at getting this free pass to fling shit at us on all occasions.

Many women at the rally, including Māori woman Michelle Uriarau, Co-Founder of women’s group Mana Wāhine Kòreo, said the salute was ‘chilling’. Moira Deeming is also a Māori woman and was reading out a letter from a Muslim migrant at the rally, she seems an unlikely person to be targeted as a white supremacist by her own party.

Yebbut the trans thing: that means men can jump up and down on her to their hearts’ content, because she has Views, that no one bothers to spell out but that nevertheless are evil and wicked and not at all permissible.

…the event on Saturday was long planned and co-ordinated with the Victorian Police, event organisers made public warnings that far-right groups were expected and not welcome. The motivation of the far-right groups can only be speculated, but for my money they attend for their own social media optics, for the clashes with the trans activists, and for the flashpoints that feed the new social media political landscape. It is also extremely convenient for the Andrews government, which has taken gender identity policies to draconian levels, to associate all resistance with Nazis.

And by “all resistance” they mean feminist women. Feminist women are Nazis; boom; that will shut the bitches up.

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