Any straw

Also in Spectator Australia, Alexander Voltz on the criminalization of women’s rights:

John Pesutto has declared his intention to expel Moira Deeming from her position as a member of the parliamentary Liberal Party. Deeming’s crime? She attended an event that was hijacked by neo-Nazis.

Imagine if a thunderstorm had rolled in during the event, and a bolt of lightning destroyed a trash bin. That would have been her fault too.

On March 19, at 2:15 pm, The Guardian reported the Victorian government’s rightly grim view of these neo-Nazis and their behaviour. ‘Nazis aren’t welcome,’ tweeted Daniel Andrews. ‘Not on Parliament’s steps. Not anywhere’. The Guardian also made mention of Deeming’s attendance at Let Women Speak.

Then, at 8:55 pm, The Age broke that, because of Deeming’s supposed ‘links’ to a ‘neo-Nazi rally’, Pesutto was seeking her expulsion.

Oh look, that’s the article I just ripped for not ever spelling out what Deeming’s wicked views are. I didn’t realize it was the first to break the story.

We might only hope that Paul Barry takes The Age’s Sumeyya Ilanbey to town in Media Watch’s next episode; hers has got to be one of the most misleading headlines yet printed in 2023.

Except reporters don’t usually write the headlines, it’s the editors who do that. But the whole damn article was appallingly evasive and empty while still accusing Deeming of horrors. I think Ilanbey should be busted down to the traffic beat.

[T]he incontestable point is this: the event concerned issues affecting women and women’s rights. It had nothing to do with neo-Nazism at an operational level, and that is why John Pesutto, as a matter of principle, is totally erroneous to seek Deeming’s expulsion for her attendance.

Deeming did not invite the neo-Nazis to the event. There is no evidence to suggest Deeming engaged with the neo-Nazis at the event. Following the event, Deeming in fact tweeted that she was disappointed that police could not do more to stop the neo-Nazis from flaunting their hate.

It’s so typical though. Grab any straw to punish women for saying no to men, including men in skirts and heavy makeup.

I really hope this blows up in Pesutto’s face.

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