What was that about sending a harmful message?

Every word of this ridiculous piece is wrong. It’s just one bonehead error after another. It’s a man saying why it’s good for men to take over women’s sports.

As our understanding of gender identity continues to evolve, so too does the conversation around trans athletes in competitive sports.

“Gender identity” is a stupid new religion, and the “understanding” of people like Anthony Bernardi is not evolving but decaying.

Trans women, in particular, have become the focus of heated debate when it comes to their participation in women’s sports.

Duh. That’s because they’re men, so their “participation” in women’s sports is cheating and bad. Women in men’s sports don’t have the same power to cheat. Trans “women” are intruding in women’s sports, not “participating.”

But in the interest of fairness, inclusivity, and respecting the rights of all athletes, it’s crucial that trans women be allowed to compete in the category that corresponds to their gender identity.

No, fool. The other way around. All the fairness and inclusivity and respect of right is on the other side.

Firstly, it’s essential to debunk the myth that trans women have an inherent and insurmountable advantage over cisgender women in sports.

Not a myth. No debunking needed. Jumping past his attempt at “debunking” –

Furthermore, excluding trans women from women’s sports sends a harmful message to the transgender community.

What kind of message does this chump think it send to the female community to let males take over all their sports? And why does he not give a shit?

Sports should be an arena where all individuals are welcomed and celebrated for their dedication, hard work, and determination.

Trans people can be welcomed, just not in women’s sports if they’re men.

It’s also important to recognize that gender is not a binary concept. The traditional male-female dichotomy doesn’t encompass the full spectrum of human experience…

Of course it doesn’t and nobody says it does. What buffoonery. Female or male is not all there is to human experience; no kidding. Nevertheless those are the two sexes.

Finally, it’s worth noting that sports have historically been a powerful force for social change. Throughout history, athletic competitions have often been a platform for challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. By embracing trans women in women’s sports, we can continue this tradition of progress and help to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

No, child, the way to continue the progress is to continue doing more to promote women’s sports and pay attention to women’s sports and break down barriers to women’s sports. There’s a large mural on the main drag of my neighborhood of the local women’s basketball team, along with one of the men’s team a few blocks away. That’s what we need more of.

In conclusion, the question of whether trans women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports is not just about athletics. It’s a question about human rights, dignity, and the values we want to uphold in our society. 

What about the human rights and dignity of women?

We must reject the misconceptions and biases that fuel opposition to their inclusion and recognize the importance of fairness, inclusivity, and the fundamental right of every individual to express their true identity.

There is no such right. There is especially no such right when what is meant by “their true identity” is a fantasy identity, aka a lie.

Allowing trans women to compete in take over women’s sports not only respects their rights and humanity but also enriches the world of athletics by embracing the full spectrum of human diversity destroys the rights of women. By dismantling the barriers that exclude trans athletes men from women’s sports, we can foster a sports culture that champions equality, understanding, and the power of unity in our shared pursuit of excellence the complete removal of women from sports.

As I said – every damn word is stupid and wrong.

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