So what are we to do?

A graduate student in philosophy has solved the problem of unfairness to women in sport:

The desire for a protected female sports category is a reasonable one. How could it not be? Males have an unfair physical advantage over females in sports, and we should want everyone – not just men and boys – to have inspiring athletes they can look up to and emulate.

But what follows from here? Should all trans women athletes be banned from female sports because of what their birth certificates say, as Florida’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act entails? I don’t think so.

Why not? He doesn’t say. Trans women are men, so why shouldn’t they be “banned from” (that is, simply by definition not included in) female sports? Why doesn’t he think so? He doesn’t say. Much philosophy.

He claims that hormones are the “most relevant” sexual attribute in sports, which is fatuous. How about the larger frame, the narrower straighter hips, the broader chests, and all the rest of the permanent differences? He doesn’t say – too busy getting to the core of his “argument.”

But there is one hiccup. Preliminary research suggests that some sex-based advantages may remain for trans women athletes who went through a male puberty, even after several years of hormone therapy. As a result, while many trans women athletes best fit into the female sex category, they may still enjoy a small unfair advantage. So what are we to do?

We shrug it off, that’s what! Why did no one think of this before?

You might think that the fairest solution would be to create a new protected sports category for trans athletes to compete in. But there are probably not enough people to create such a category, and the whole idea smacks of being distastefully ostracizing anyway.

The fact that letting men intrude on women’s sports smacks of being distastefully indifferent to women is neither here nor there.

Another option, the one that I embrace, is to let trans women athletes compete in women’s sports – and to just accept the “unfairness” of doing so. Life is not fair, as the old adage goes, and sports are no exception.

There it is! That’s his solution to this difficult problem, his slicing through the Gordian knot – just don’t give a shit! So simple, so easy, so quick! Just accept the unfairness to women because hey who cares anyway, amirite?

Shorter: just suck it up, bitch.

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