Will they cover mild distaste?

Well it’s kind of futile (as well as intrusive and dictatorial and so on) to pass laws against hatred. How would you enforce them? How would you know when they’d been broken?

Reuters tells us:

Ireland’s prime minister pledged to modernise laws against hatred in the coming weeks after 34 people were arrested for rioting in Dublin on Thursday night.

Modern or medieval, they’re still futile.

“We will pass new laws in the coming weeks to enable the Gardai (police) to make better use of the CCTV evidence they collected yesterday, and also we will modernise our laws against incitement to hatred and hatred in general,” Varadkar told a news conference on Friday.

Incitement is one thing and hatred is another.

There are other things we can do about hatred, after all. We can attempt to persuade against it. We can make arguments. We can talk about consequences. We can lecture, scold, preach, satirize, whine, mock – we can tell stories, paint pictures, write books, make arguments.

But force isn’t going to work, because there’s no solid surface we can find and then push.

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