You’re a safe space

The person (or identity) who wrote this ridiculous “pronouns” “resource” for the University of Colorado is barely literate as well as dim.

They/zir provides a whole table of how to use pronouns as if students age 17 and above don’t already know how to speak their own language. They/zir then give a lot of absurd patronizing laughable advice.

Try to introduce yourself with your own pronouns so that everyone you meet knows that you’re a safe space and that you won’t assume a person’s pronouns. It also prompts them to provide pronouns without it being awkward. (Ex. “Hello, my name is Alex and I use they/them/theirs pronouns.”)

What if you don’t want everyone you meet to know you’re a safe space? Also if I’m a safe space does that mean the zirs can huddle around me when they’re feeling fragile? How do I opt out of this plan?

You can ask that person, as long as you do so politely (i.e. “Hey, what are your pronouns?”)

That’s politely? I’m not seeing it. Compare: “Hey, what are you doing here?” I get that it depends on the tone and facial expression and so on, but that’s why it’s a really bad example of asking politely. What you want in an example of that is wording that is polite independent of tone and facial expression. “Hey” is definitely a word that can go either way.

There are many terms that are offensive for people that identify as transgender or any other form of gender non-conforming. Some of these would be “it,” “he-she,” etc. Unless given explicit consent from everyone who will hear it, do not ever use any of these words when referring to anyone, as they are incredibly offensive.

You know what else is offensive? Men ordering women to refer to them as women.

Would calling a transgender person by the wrong pronoun (like referring to a trans woman as “he”) be offensive?

If you do it purposefully with malicious intent, absolutely.

If you do it on accident and you meant for the best, no way.

But, if you continue to do it on accident and make no effort to change, then yes, it is offensive.

Nooooooooooo! Not “on accident”!!! BY accident! This is what I’m saying – their resource is not fully literate.

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