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Gender activism:

Radio-Canada’s headquarters in Montreal was vandalized by far-left extremists last Wednesday, an act claimed online as a rebuttal to the controversial report on gender transition therapy for minors. 

Sounds like Samuel Johnson dissing Bishop Berkeley by kicking a stone and saying “I refute it thus!” (A story that’s probably apocryphal.) I rebut your controversial report by smashing your windows, so nyah!

An anonymous submission was published to Montréal Contre-Information’s website titled “Radio-Canada has blood on its hands: a look back at the shop windows destroyed on the night of March 12-13.”

The letter confirmed that activists destroyed the windows of the Radio-Canada building in response to the organization’s “decision to use its broad platform to amplify transphobic rhetoric akin to that of the extreme right.”

Blah blah blah. You’re men. Get over it.

The act of vandalism comes in the wake of the broadcast of “Trans Express,” an investigation by Radio-Canada that highlighted a 14-year-old girl in Quebec quickly obtaining a prescription for cross-sex hormones without consent from their parents or a medical referral.

HER! Her parents, you dolts! You just said she’s a girl.

While Radio-Canada’s investigative report showcased a teenager getting a prescription for cross-sex hormones in only nine minutes, it also showcased trans youth in Quebec who detransitioned, claiming that they were rushed into irreversible transitions by healthcare providers who they said did little to address their pre-existing mental health conditions. 

Well they’re all transphobes, aren’t they. Tell us where their windows are so that we can smash them.

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