Bend the knee

This is both idiotic and evil.

Louisiana will require the 10 Commandments [be] displayed in every public school classroom

The 10 orders are extremely thin morality and they are mostly religious. There is no good reason at all to stick them up in classrooms, let alone to mandate sticking them up in classrooms.

The Sacred Grocery List:

  1. I’m the only god
  2. Don’t make “idols”
  3. Don’t use my name when you swear
  4. Make one day every week all about me
  5. Honor your father and mother [in that order, of course]
  6. Don’t murder
  7. Don’t fuck around
  8. Don’t steal
  9. Don’t lie
  10. Don’t long for other people’s stuff

Why put that on the classroom walls? It’s so thin, so impoverished, so minimal – so worthless. The first 4 are god’s vanity project and can be thrown right out, and the last six are either minimal – don’t kill or steal or lie; well no shit, Dad – or nobody else’s business.

There’s nothing about being generous or compassionate or energetic in opposing cruelty and injustice. There are just bossy demands from Mr Deity and a few rules too obvious to mention, let alone plaster on school walls.

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