Civil servants wearing lanyards

The Great Lanyard War grinds on.

A Government crackdown on so-called “woke” lanyards in the civil service has been dropped by Labour after the general election, understands…Esther McVey, who was the Cabinet Office minister known as “minister for common sense” in the last Government, gave a speech in May arguing that officials should not seek to express their views or identity in the workplace…The change was widely seen as a response to a trend of civil servants wearing lanyards in rainbow colours to express support for LGBT causes.

Leaving aside questions about banning a particular form of lanyard, what I wonder is why it’s always LGBT causes. Why is it never women? Or workers? Or the poor?

But especially women, who are, after all, half of all people, and the source of all people.

Why does the LGBT brand soak up all the attention and celebration and incloosion and advertising and lanyard-wearing?

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