Define “women MPs”

How can they do both?

The Fawcett Society July 5:

After yesterday’s election, there are more women MPs in our Parliament than ever before. It’s an historic moment, but the work has only just begun.

There is a huge opportunity for this new critical mass to work together, across party lines, to improve the lives of women across the country. 

Drawing on inspiration from the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Senedd and the Scottish Parliament, the Fawcett Society will shortly convene all women MPs to facilitate the launching of a powerful women’s caucus.

Ok, good, but…

There’s their “position on sex and gender” to consider.

In response to recent questions, the Fawcett Society’s position on sex and gender (which we consulted on widely in 2018) remains unchanged (available here).

To be clear, we are a trans-inclusive organisation. We represent women in all their diversity in the fight for equality. Fawcett recognises the importance of intersectionality and the impact this has on women’s experiences.

So by “women” and “the lives of women” and “all women MPs” they mean women plus men who call themselves women – so they don’t actually mean women.

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