Terrorist child claims to be gay not queer

Hm. Boy says “I’m gay not queer” and all hell breaks loose.

12-year-old boy has allegedly been referred to counter-terrorism authorities after posting an online video saying “there’s no such thing as non-binary”. The child, who remains unnamed, reportedly created the video to counter bullies who had mistakenly assumed he supported transgender rights. In the footage, he reportedly declares: “[I’m] gay not queer.”

Are people required to say they’re queer now?

According to the boy’s mother, school officials informed her that the video had prompted them to report her son to Prevent, the Home Office programme aimed at thwarting potential terrorists.

Ah. Kid age 12 says he’s gay and the school concludes he’s a terrorist.

The boy’s mother told the [Daily] Mail that both agencies had visited her in what felt like an “interrogation” after she uploaded the video on his behalf.  She said: ‘We think that he was targeted as the children believe gay people agree with trans ideology. He made a video which I uploaded to YouTube where he said ‘there are only two genders’ and ‘I’m gay not queer’.

“The school phoned up and were incensed by it. They said that they would refer him to Prevent for that video. They said that he was at risk of radicalisation – not that he had been, but was a risk when he gets to 13 and is entitled to his own social media accounts. There was a risk he would fall in with far right groups.”

Because it’s far-right to say you’re gay not queer.

Make it make sense.

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