Don’t you mean “a smoke bomb”?

The Telegraph:

Doctors at a gender-critical conference were ambushed by “aggressive” masked protesters who let off a smoke bomb and had to be held back by police. Dozens of officers were required to prevent the demonstrators gaining entrance to the first conference of the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender conference held on Saturday in London.

Video footage showed the protesters, dressed mainly in black and waving flags, blocking the entrance and jostling with police.

Other video footage, which the Telegraph apparently hadn’t seen, showed the protesters doing their best to smash the glass doors at the entrance and very nearly forcing at least one door open.

Held at the headquarters of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the conference brought together doctors, academics and parents “to discuss current controversies in the care of children and young people with gender-related distress…”

And a small but foul group of fanatics felt entitled to stop them.

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