Guardian takes thumb off scale, sits down on it instead

Another Guardian piece today from the same reporter, Robyn Vinter:

Trans children in England worse off now than four years ago, says psychologist

As if it’s just settled fact that there are “trans children.”

Transgender children are being left in a “far worse position” than before the Cass report, with a service that is “going backwards instead of forwards”, according to a psychologist who has set up a private gender service.

Dr Aiden Kelly, a clinical psychologist specialising in gender who was part of the team at the Tavistock and Portman NHS mental health trust’s gender identity development services (Gids), said he was “very, very worried” about the NHS’s ability to deliver a suitable gender service based on the findings of the Cass review.

I wonder if this reporter has an agenda at all.

“We’re in a far worse position than we were four years ago,” he said. “The Cass review and NHS England’s policy updates, and the kind of measures and decisions they’ve made in terms of what to do with services, how to set up services – or not, as the case may be – means we’re in a far worse position.”

Got that? Should she have said it a third time?

Kelly, who now runs an independent gender service, Gender Plus, with some former colleagues, said there was an “unjustifiable” level of caution from the Cass report that did not match his experience in the service and that poor outcomes had been overemphasised, leaving England “out of step” with the rest of the world.

He said: “It’s important to remember that people carrying out this expert review have never worked in gender. The people who actually know the work, and have been doing the work for a long period of time, don’t hold that level of caution and fear.”

Ah yes. And people who work in, say, the tobacco industry don’t hold that level of caution and fear about the health effects of smoking, because their livelihood depends on their not holding it.

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