The convenient woman

The Guardian is distraught.

While the Cass report’s 400 pages will be pored over and debated, one thing is certain – young trans people face an anxious future.

Because of the report’s 400 pages? So without the Cass report young trans people would have faced a happy calm confident future? Because pretending to be the opposite sex and trying to force the world to pretend along with you is such an easy simple fun way to live?

The mother of a 17-year-old trans girl who was a patient at the now-shut Gender Identity Development Service (Gids) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust said she had initially welcomed Cass’s inquiry, but had been left “disappointed”.

She had believed the Tavistock was “fundamentally not fit for purpose” as a specialist clinic set up to handle a small number of patients, but the “hysterical environment” surrounding the report was leading to young people losing out on healthcare.

This isn’t the Guardian talking, you understand, this is just this one mother, who just happens to think that pretending to be the opposite sex is “healthcare.”

Her daughter’s gender dysphoria diagnosis finally came in 2022, six years after they first saw a clinician. She began puberty blockers a year later.

“Puberty blockers have been really good for her. As she entered puberty, she was really, really dysphoric about her shoulders, her facial hair growing her voice deepening. She was very distressed by it and very sad.”

The woman said the Cass report represented “an agenda from up on high that things need to be more difficult”. “It’s hard enough as a parent without having the entire society or media pointing at transgender people as if they’re some aberration or as if they threaten us.”

So not blocking puberty is an agenda while blocking puberty is just what happens.

Does this useful “the woman” really exist?

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