All but one

Is the edifice starting to topple?

The BBC reports on a study the Tavistock clinic just published:

All but one child treated for gender dysphoria with puberty-blocking drugs at a leading NHS clinic also received cross-sex hormones, a study has shown.

The Tavistock and Portman Trust has argued the treatments are not linked.

The study began in 2011 and enrolled 44 children aged between 12 and 15 over the following three years. At the time, only those aged 16 and over were eligible for puberty blockers in the UK.

When BBC Newsnight covered the study and its preliminary findings last year it highlighted how previous research suggested all young people who took blockers went on to take cross-sex hormones – the next stage towards transitioning to the opposite gender.

The Tavistock’s newly published findings appear to confirm this, with 43 out of 44 participants – or 98% – choosing to start treatment with cross-sex hormones.

The cheer-up myth is that blockers are just a pause, a breathing space, time to think – but if almost all the kids who take them go on to cross-sex hormones then that myth is a lie.

Earlier this month, the High Court ruled that children under-16 were unlikely to be able to give informed consent to treatment with puberty blockers.

The relationship between blockers and subsequent treatment with cross-sex hormones was a core feature of the case.

Lawyers representing the claimants said there was “a very high likelihood” children who start taking hormone blockers will later begin taking cross-sex hormones, leading potentially to infertility and impaired sexual function.

The Tavistock argued puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones were entirely separate stages of treatment and one does not automatically lead to the other.

And that turns out to be bullshit.

And this isn’t minor bullshit – this isn’t “oh well, no harm done” bullshit. This is tampering with the physical (and hence psychological) development of teenagers in a very drastic way. We’re being subject to an avalanche of propaganda to the effect that it’s fine, it’s awesome, it’s The Authentic Self – but the propagandists don’t know any of that, it’s just something they say.

The published study showed that treatment with the blocker brought about no change in psychological function.

This differs from Dutch findings “which reported improved psychological function,” upon which many gender clinics have based their treatment.

Ah. Interesting. The experimentees are no happier, and their bodies are messed up. Win win?

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