Flogging puberty blockers online

Mail-order puberty blockers…what could go wrong?

A UK chemist has been flogging puberty blockers for children online, courtesy of a company set up by disgraced gender doctor, Helen Webberley.

The Times has discovered that an online pharmacy, Clear Chemist, has been selling hormone treatments to ‘trans children’ on the internet and that this medication is being prescribed by GenderGP, the clinic originally founded by Helen Webberley.

In 2017 Helen Webberley was suspended by the General Medical Council, pending an investigation into her conduct. She and her husband, Michael, were operating an unlicensed gender clinic, charging patients £75 – £150 per hour for their services and prescribing hormones to children as young as twelve. In December 2018 Webberley was found guilty of providing healthcare services illegally.

And the “services” were quite drastic. It turns out that blocking puberty is not some harmless little tweak to the schedule.

An anomaly in UK law allows British pharmacies to dispense prescriptions from offshore clinics. Consequently, GenderGP are able to prescribe blockers and hormones to patients in Britain without ever meeting them and without the clinic requiring any regulation in the UK.

Since The Times published the story, the General Pharmaceutical Council has said that it is looking into this issue as a matter of urgency due to concerns that GenderGP circumvents the NHS checks and safeguards usually required when these drugs are prescribed. And it looks as if the pharmacy in question has been prevented from dispensing any further GenderGP prescriptions. Nevertheless, the clinic is looking for alternative outlets through which to peddle its wares.

Its dangerous wares that mess up people’s bodies, including their brains.

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