Young people of all genders

Amnesty International and Liberty are joining forces to say that oh yes children should definitely be put on puberty blockers if they’re not loving their experience of puberty.

Amnesty International UK and Liberty are disappointed to see the High Court’s judgment on the use of puberty blockers. We are concerned not only for what this means for the health and well-being of trans young people, but the wider implications this will have on the rights of children and young people of all genders, particularly on consent and bodily autonomy.

Children don’t have “rights to bodily autonomy.” They’re not old enough.

Puberty blockers have been a reversible intervention used for decades to pause precocious puberty. Young trans people have been able to access puberty blockers under medical supervision since the late 1990s as a way to put on hold the physical changes of puberty, alleviate gender dysphoria and allow young trans people to flourish as their full selves. For many young trans people, or those questioning and exploring their gender identity, puberty blockers allow more time to make important decisions.

And for many others they’re a huge mistake which leaves them wishing they’d never done it – like Keira Bell for example. Why don’t AI and Liberty give a shit about that? Why are they trotting along with the stupid trans dogma as if they were moody adolescents instead of grown-up organizations?

For those who decide to fully transition, puberty blockers allow them to live in the correct gender as adults much more easily, by avoiding physical changes that are very difficult to reverse.

Speaking of difficult to reverse…the effects of postponing puberty can be very difficult to reverse too. What about that? What about “first do no harm”?

Young trans people should not have their access to healthcare restricted simply because they are trans.

That’s so stupid. It’s not “simply because they are trans”; it’s not because they’re trans at all, it’s because blockers mess with the body and children under 16 aren’t equipped to grasp all the consequences.

What a trainwreck.

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