An entire population group

A November 27 letter from Canadian Women and Sport to the CEO of World Rugby implores him to repeal the “ban” on trans women playing on women’s teams.

Dear Brett, Canadian Women & Sport and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) are writing to express our strong opposition to World Rugby’s ban on Transgender Women Athletes. In doing so, we join 84 academics, Athlete Ally, Egale Canada and others in urging World Rugby to repeal their recent ban preventing transgender women from participating in women’s rugby.

The ban violates the human rights of transgender and gender diverse women, forcing them out of sport and denying them the benefits it brings. The discriminatory ban perpetuates the harmful and marginalizing practice of gender policing in women’s sport.

What are “gender diverse” women? As far as I know they’re not excluded from women’s teams – not wearing skirts would not be a reason to ban a woman from a women’s team.

More basically, not letting men who identify as women play on women’s teams doesn’t “violate their human rights” – and arguably it does violate the human rights of women to let them play on women’s teams. Men who identify as women are still men, and they shouldn’t be leveraging their discomfort with being men to take everything away from women.

The ban is not based on sound scientific evidence. In their letter to World Rugby, 84 notable academics from around the globe stated, “there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence to justify a ban which would only be harmful to transgender and gender diverse people.” The letter also voices their opposition to the exclusion “of an entire population group from playing women’s rugby: non-binary people assumed male at birth and transgender women … .”

It’s women’s rugby. Of course it “excludes an entire population group,” because that’s the nature of being women’s rugby (or men’s rugby). Nursery schools exclude an entire population group: people over the age of 5; that’s the nature of nursery schools. It’s not invidious or mean or discriminatory, it’s just how sports are organized because of the fact that women and men have different kinds of bodies.

Maybe climate change is making people’s brains to hot to operate correctly.

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