You cannot count how many genders there are

Second and last item from This Angry Inclusive Enby Lesbian aka Taiel: a list of his opinions on all the subjects:

There is no such thing as narcissistic abuse. Your abuse was and is real; but arm-chair diagnosing your abuser is not okay. Abuse comes from abusers, not mental illness. Your personal trauma is valid but it is never okay to stigmatise and demonise the cluster-B disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Call it what it was – sophisticated abuse, emotional abuse, gaslighting, physical abuse or whichever it was. But there is no form of abuse perpetuated only by NPD folks or any other neurotype.

Yes well he would be very defensive of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, wouldn’t he.

There are more than two genders. There are more than three genders. Some people have more than one gender. You cannot count how many genders there are.

Gender is too tall for you to measure, too small for you to see, too infinite for you to count, too specific for you to generalize about, too sacred for you to profane, too profane for you to sanctify………….

Not all genders fall somewhere in between male and female. The gender binary is false, don’t force people into it.

Ok so what exactly is gender? What’s he talking about when he talks about gender? I have a feeling he couldn’t define it if you asked him.

Any and all folks on the asexual and/or aromantic spectra are inherently part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

And they can’t get out!

The only requirement for being trans is being a gender other than what was assigned to you at birth. Dysphoria is not required. Neither is a desire for HRT, surgery or other physical change. Our lives and identities are not defined by pain.

And gender is anything and everything, so…everybody is trans, so being trans is the same as being a living human, so we can all forget about it and go back to what we were doing before. That will be nice.

Butch and femme are not exclusive to lesbians and to claim such erases their history of usage by POC.

What? What did POC use them to mean if not lesbians?

Not all lesbians are mono-homosexual. Not all lesbians are women. Any nonman seen being or known to be sexually, romantically or otherwise nonplatonically affectionate with nonmen may have had the term lesbian or a related slur applied to them regardless of actual gender or spectrum of attractions. As such, nonmen who are also non-women and attracted to other nonmen can reclaim this term and related slurs. We are not erasing mono-homosexual lesbian women, you are valid. But this is our term too.

Good luck not losing the thread in that forest of nons.

Fascists don’t deserve safety. They should feel as frightened to spread their hate speech as they make black trans women feel just walking out of their homes. TERFs and SWERFs are fascists too. There can be no tolerance for the intolerant.

So we should be killed on sight, is that the idea?

The last item of all is probably the one he loves the most.

Feminism is for everyone, not just women. Feminists can be anyone, not just women. Feminist issues affect many folk, not just women.

Yeah. Stupid greedy women, trying to keep feminism all for themselves. Bitches.

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