Guest post: When you’re inside a “community” that brooks no dissent

Originally a comment by Artymorty on Of the communinny.

Of course the outsize benefit of identifying as trans is why we’re seeing more and more charlatans seize on trans identities as a get-rich-quick scheme, like Dylan Mulvaney, Abigail Thorn, and thousands and thousands more cropping up everywhere.

Plus there’s the fact that when you’re inside a “community” that brooks no dissent, you’re not going to say anything if you’re unhappy. If you do a comprehensive survey of Scientologists, they’ll report being the happiest, most satisfied people in the country — a 100% perfect satisfaction rate. After all, Scientology is the greatest discovery on the planet, and on all the other planets, too! They’ll also report that Scientologists face more discrimination from outsiders than any other group. That outsiders who don’t agree with the in-group’s most bizarre demands are an existential threat is a core tenet of any cult or sect. (And it’s actually true: rational ideas do indeed threaten people’s commitment to Scientology, or gender identity ideology.)

Honestly, why do people bother doing surveys like this? We already know exactly what responses are and aren’t allowed to be expressed by this group. What’s next? “Over 99% of Muslims in Saudi Arabia report a strong belief in the holy truth of the Quran and high levels of satisfaction with their religion.” No fucking shit; thanks for clearing that up.

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