Guest post: Forced teaming within the chimeric “trans community”

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? at Miscellany Room 11.

Yet it’s gays and lesbian who are being smeared with the whole alphabet soup communniny phenomenon. It’s STRAIGHT men who are entering women’s sports and spaces, not gay men, yet you never hear of some HETEROTQAI+ communniny.

Excellent point. That’s why they’re so keen on enforcing “TWAW” and demanding the acceptance of transbians. They think it hides the paraphilia the same way they think they pass.

…the whole incoherent, asinine taxonomy of the trans system.

There’s forced teaming within the chimeric “trans community” itself, not just between the T and the LGB. What’s the common ground between AGP males forcing their way into women’s locker rooms for their own sexual gratification and teenage girls desperate enough to escape the strictures of femininity that they’re undergoing radical mastectomies and taking T? Which group is most likely to be driving the trans “movement” as a whole, and to whose benefit?

I wonder how much of the belligerence and bullying would disappear from the discussions around gender identity if you could remove the AGPs, and the trans “allies” who are only in it for the “righteous” misogyny? And if you could subtract those who would desist, the social contagion bandwagoneers, duped autistic kids, and trendy, spicy-straight “queers,” would that leave behind only a small(?) core of genuinely dysphoric people, for whom watchful waiting will not be enough? Likely a very small group, whose needs are poorly served by the current configuration of gender identitarianism? We’ll never know.

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