Guest post: Your “disturbing” meter is set much too high

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on How not to change minds.

I understood that she had received unacceptable abuse…

But some abuse is acceptable?

…and had been taken unawares by the responses to her initial feelings.

I’m sure she had a very good idea of what she was in for when she posted her “This is not a drill” message in support of Maya Forestater. And, she’s received abuse over saying facts, not over “feelings.”

Latterly I felt she could have been calmer & kinder …/

Tell that to those who continue to smear her and heap abuse on her. Tell us why Rowling is not entitled to use all the anger, sarcasm, and disdain at her disposal when dealing with the liars, cheats, and frauds that constitute so much of the trans “rights” brigade? That’s your side. That’s what you’re defending. If you feel upset or targeted by her righteous fury that’s too fucking bad. Stop defending the indefensible. Stop pretending that the trans lobby is innocent and powerless when it is neither. Stop letting them use children as human shields to destroy women’s rights. Stop defending the destruction of children’s lives. Stop making mealy-mouthed, bullshit “both sides” arguments that fail to address the abusiveness of trans activism. Just stop.

Rowling’s “insulating wealth and enormous influence” have allowed her to champion the rights of women in a way that many others are unable to because of the viciousness and vindictiveness of this same trans “rights” movement you’re defending, which targets any woman who says “no” to their agenda, or any woman who stands against them with truth and facts that destroy their claims. Why aren’t you standing with those women too?

I think there’s a whole lot of “disturbing bigotry” (misogyny, homophobia, ageism just for starters) on the trans “rights” side that you’re missing, or giving a pass to. You probably believe that calling a man a man is “disturbing bigotry”; this is odd, because being triggered by simple biological truths would indicate that your “disturbing” meter is set to such an extremely high level of sensitivity that I find it difficult to believe that it could possibly miss all the shit coming from “your” side.

I can’t even imagine the contortions you must put yourself through in order to stick your head above the parapet when, clearly, it’s still firmly stuck up your ass.

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