Guest post: Things that are ACTUALLY hateful

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Its vital helpline???

And, as always, I wonder if the ‘abuse’ suffered is just more people stating truth about reality. They have a very low threshold for abuse.

We are supposed to accept that stating Reality is hateful, and that we should just shut up and stop mentioning it. Fuck that shit. I propose that we should turn things around, and point out things that are actually hateful, and in some instances, actually violent. I’ll start.

Telling children that they are “born in the wrong body” is hateful.

Saying that so-called “puberty blockers” are harmless and reversible is hateful.

Mutilating children and calling it “gender affirming” or “lifesaving” care is hateful.

Counseling any of the above without parental consent is hateful. (Of course parents doing this to their children is hateful, too.)

Demanding that people acquiesce to, accept, or repeat a lie is hateful. It is particularly hateful when the demand to do so is called “Being kind.”

Claiming that wearing particular clothing or affecting particular mannerisms and behaviours is all that is needed for a man to “become” or “identify” as a woman is hateful.

Redefing “woman” in such a way that it can include men is hateful.

Redefining homosexuality as “same gender attraction” is hateful.

Demanding that lesbians accept men as “lesbians” is hateful.

Imprisoning men who “identify” as women with women is hateful.

Men who “identify” as women demanding access to women’s single-sex spaces, positions, and facilities is hateful.

Allowing men who “identify” as women access to women’s single-sex spaces, positions, and facilities is hateful.

Demanding people lie about the sex of men who “identify” as women is hateful.

Erasing the words “woman” and “women”, or reducing women to mere body parts orbodily functions in the name of “inclusion” is hateful. It is particularly hateful when there is no effort of equal scope and thoroughness to remove “man” and “men,” or reduce them to bits of anatomy or bodily functions in equivalent contexts and situations.

To accuse women defending their sex-based rights of being bigots is hateful.

Claiming to be the target of “genocide” when one isn’t is hateful.

Accusing people who simply do not agree with genderist claims of bigotry, hatred and murderous intent is hateful.

To tell people that they are the targets of hatred, bigotry and murderous intent when they are not, is hateful.

I could go on, but I won’t; you get the idea. Feel free to add to this list. It’s time we put the real purveyors of actual hatred on notice, and on the defensive.

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