Guest post: They love women’s bodies but they hate women’s souls

Originally a comment by Artymorty on Realizing there are no sheep left.

How can it be that men who are claiming to actually be women despise the sex they aspire to be or become so much? If they loathe women as much as they do (and far too many of them do), why on earth would they ever want to be one?

It’s like a jumbled kind of mind-body dualism deployed in service of misogyny: they love women’s bodies but they hate women’s souls.

I think many trans-identified men are like many other men in that they’re preoccupied with women’s bodies, but not keen on the female people who “inhabit” them. Damn that pesky business of women as autonomous persons who are different from men, and who are in control of their own bodies — the ones men want so badly to possess and control.

It’s surprising how many trans activists more-or-less come right out and say this: a “woman’s” body inhabited by a male soul is therefore the ideal woman to be, and a woman’s body inhabited by a female soul who is obedient to your demands is the ideal woman to have. Your soul is male so you can possess a woman’s body if you bloody well say so, and her soul is female, so you need to keep her under control.

You can see why so many misogynistic trans-identifying males call themselves “lesbians”.

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