Guest post: Women, Floods, Bodies

Guest post by Lady Mondegreen.

A little while ago, thinking of Jordan Peterson, I flashed on a book I read thirty years ago or so: Klaus Theweleit’s Male Fantasies.

Theweleit, a German sociologist with a Freudian bent, wrote about the men of the Freikorps, paramilitary bands of anti-Communists active in Germany between the World Wars. Many of them went on to be committed Nazis.

The Freikorps had their own subculture, including pulp fiction. Theweleit examined their novels, along with their letters and other documents, and found–brace yourselves for a surprise here–a profound fear of women and sexuality. The subtitle of the first volume of Mannerphantasien is “Women, Floods, Bodies.”

The Freikorps associated women with sex and sex with water and dirt. Rather, “bad” women, sexually liberated women, Red women, were associated with these things–the good German girl, the White Woman, was pure and sexless, Madonna to the Red Woman’s whore.

Theweleit saw in these men’s fantasies a desperate need to keep themselves under control, to fend off the personal dissolution they feared should they succumb to sexual ecstasy. (Via their diaries he found that many of them were sexually anhedonic.)

Jordan Peterson’s proto-fascism has striking similarities to that of the Freikorps men:

Obsession with Communism (Peterson’s house is decorated with Soviet propaganda) – Check

Association of women with chaos – Check

Fear of unregulated, nonmonogamous sex – Check

Preoccupation with Order: Clean your room. Get your life in order. Be CIVILIZED. – Check

And keep in mind these important facts kids:

Hierarchies are basic.

Ultimately, force is how MEN settle things.

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