If colleagues object

Institutional capture:

Women working for the Office for National Statistics could face disciplinary action if they object to male-born colleagues using single-sex lavatories and changing rooms, documents leaked to The Sunday Telegraph reveal.

News flash: male-born=male. There are no male-born women. If yer born male you stay male, just as if yer born human you stay human.

A set of ONS resources on “Gender Identity and Transitioning at Work” includes a manager’s checklist for supporting a transitioning employee with a section headed “use of single-sex facilities”. It says: “Have you agreed when the employee will start to use single-sex facilities, such as toilets and changing rooms, appropriate to their acquired gender? This will usually be on the first day of transition.”

The document says that “if colleagues object to sharing facilities with employees going through transition, the situation should be dealt with through communication, discussion and education. If colleagues persist with unreasonable objections you may need to manage the situation via grievance or disciplinary procedures.”

Women objecting to sharing toilets with men are being “unreasonable” and must be forced to obey. Women’s safety and privacy don’t matter; all that matters is the man’s obvious human right to force himself on women in all places under all circumstances. Men matter; women are garbage.

Sex Matters, a gender-critical campaign group that has reviewed the ONS documents, said the policies showed the organisation had “complete disregard for all other employees”.

Fiona McAnena, Sex Matters’ director of campaigns, said: “The ONS staff documents that have been leaked are inaccurate, ideologically driven and inflammatory. This is what institutional capture looks like.” She added: “These documents would be a cause for concern in any public sector body. That they come from within the national statistics body helps explain why the ONS made such a mess of the census questions on sex and ‘gender identity’.”

Clever move, gobbling up the statistics branch.

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