Guest post: Resource packages for fetishists

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on If colleagues object.

A set of ONS resources on “Gender Identity and Transitioning at Work” …

Is there any other hobby/delusion/fetish that has government departments drawing up resource packages so that employees in it can do so in the workplace? Do Furries get special breaks in order to be taken outside by their colleagues for “walkies”? Do men who enjoy being treated like babies have other staff members feed them and change their diapers? Why is one group of fetishists pandered to but not others? Have we found a specimen of Trans Privilege in the wild, after having been assured that no such creature exists?

Male use of women’s single sex facilities falls right in line with the “needs” of the other fetishists noted above. Each is an imposition that forces women to become participants, whether they want to or not, in some man’s sexual fantasy. Transgenderism is no different, except that it is being given the red carpet treatment by ONS management. If their union is all in with gender ideology, then these women have no-one but themselves and each other to rely upon in resisting this unreasonable demand; “their” union will join with management (and their “trans siblings”) in punishing them. Very solidarity. At this point these women are no longer considered “colleagues” and fellow employees, but are now relegated to being props, backdrops, extras, and audience for the man’s performance of “femininity.” I’m sure that the women in the ONS had no idea that when they joined the service, they were also going to be working in the theatre.

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