Guest post: Is there a gendersoul checker machine?

Originally a comment by Mike Haubrich on Balance.

So, when we’re talking about extremes here, what do we mean? Is one extreme just handing out the hormones to everyone with a valid credit card, while the other is listening to people of good sense who say there is no such thing as being trans?

Or, how do they measure whether someone is truly trans and could benefit from hormones? Is there a gendersoul checker machine, a “t-meter” that works like the Scientology “e-meter,” measuring trangrams in pre-clears? Do they followup to check to see if one becomes clear after a certain number of months of treatment or do we just look to see if they pass? I think someone could make a lot of money if they applied to concepts of chirporactic to trans treatment. Realign the spine to realign gender! It only takes 12 treatments administered weekly, with monhtly followups after that. Acupuncture could also work to align the she-chi with the he-chi.

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