Guest post: Under the transgender umbrella

Guest post by tigger_the_wing.

A lot of people do not know that the T in LGBT no longer stands for ‘transsexual’. In fact, people are these days called ‘transphobic’ for using the word ‘transsexual’ – even those who refer to themselves as ‘transsexual’. The ‘trans’ people in the recent posts I have made are those who consider themselves to be ‘under the transgender umbrella’. Here is a graphic from an information leaflet [pdf] which explains who counts as ‘transgender’:

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Note: People with disorders of sexual development KEEP asking trans activists to leave them out of it and to stop using the outdated term ‘intersex’. Just as the trans activists ignore women’s boundaries, they ignore them, too.

Note 2: Male transvestites and drag performers are a MUCH bigger demographic than transsexual men. So much so that they had no difficulty changing the T to the meaningless ‘transgender’, nor changing the whole focus of the LGBT charity Stonewall to centre straight misogynist men.

Note 3: Gender variant/Gender queer is utterly without a coherent definition. Literally anyone can fit in here because *no-one* completely conforms to their society’s gender ‘norms’; partly because those change from year to year, and mostly because we all have individual personalities and tastes in clothing, hobbies, etc.

Note 4: Since gender critical feminists DEFINITELY don’t follow gender norms, by the trans activists’ own rules that makes us all ‘gender variant’, and so trans. Calling us ‘cis’ is MISGENDERING US. The worst crime anyone can commit, according to them; worse than murder.

Note 5: Trans activists have distorted Stonewall’s original mission to support the LGBT, to kick out the LGBT altogether, and bring in performers and fetishists instead.

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