Guest post: All a healthy part of PRIDE

Originally a comment by Me [that is, “Me” the commenter] on Gearing up.

Just some random observations: Maybe the “T” got blended with the “GLB” because some homosexual males became (for one reason or another) transwomen. The kind who would try to get picked up by straight guys, or who prostituted themselves to “straight” guys. And sometimes these straight or “straight” guys would become enraged with them and beat or kill them.

Since most women are attracted to men, and since sexual attraction isn’t a “lifestyle choice,” I know that I was perfectly able to entertain the possibility that there was a “gender” switch that these “AMAB” people had that made them at least nominally “female.” [I admit to not having given this all that much thought at the time.]

I think a lot of progressive men and women were willing to be compassionate to these transwomen. Perhaps women weren’t prepared to consider them genuinely part of their team but they bore them no ill will.

Then came the whole Gender Studies swill of incoherence and “trans” became this everything and nothing non-falsifiable virus that AGP fetishists (or “kinksters”) could claim as an actual identity. Then, even when they’re convicted rapists, their “trans” status somehow elevates them. In reality, these AGP transwomen are still men with the same statistical propensity to violence as other men (at least). But pointing that out is “bigotry.” And then these heterosexual males (who look like men in drag) claim they have human right to be considered as “lesbians” by actual lesbians.

But these unpalatable AGP types were accompanied by “trans-kids.” Boys and girls so crippled by “gender dysphoria” that they’ll kill themselves if they don’t get puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and masectomies and hysterectomies and other surgeries. And this poor little “trans-girl” who wants to play sports with the “other girls” but reactionary bigots are screaming in “her” face. And so a lot of people think they’re sticking up for “trans-kids.” And the growing numbers of “trans-kids” who detransition are deliberately denied. “So??? You just found out you were CIS after taking a few extra steps!”

And the evil “TERFs” who want to deny transwomen their human rights and deny transmen their status as “bleeders” and “birthing parents” are just as bad and evil as the transphobic conversion-therapy sadists.

And even though radical feminists are perfectly willing to publicly debate these issues and say they want trans people to live their best lives and to be able to love anyone who will have them, they are inundated with rape and death threats and legal harrassment and doxxings and threats to their employment, all in the name of human rights.

And it’s all a healthy part of PRIDE.

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