Innocent transgender teenager

Again – cheat by starting the report with misleading language. I wonder if anyone ever reports this stuff honestly. NBC News:

A transgender teenager was booed at an Oregon sports stadium after winning a race during the state’s high school track and field championship over the weekend.

They mean, of course, a boy was booed after winning a girls’ race.

Multiple videos posted on social media show McDaniel High School sophomore Aayden Gallagher being booed by a crowd of onlookers as she crossed the finish line first in the 200-meter race at the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) Track and Field State Championships on Saturday. Boos could also be heard as the teenage runner received her gold medal at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field in Eugene, the videos show.

Yes, because he’s a boy, with the physical advantages a boy has, ruining a race for the girls by pretending to be a girl. Cheating, in short.

Gallagher’s win quickly went viral on social media, with some critics characterizing her participation in the girls’ division as unfair, arguing that those assigned male at birth are inherently stronger and faster than those assigned female at birth. 

Because they are.

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