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Trans ideologues refused to show their evidence.

The NHS’s most senior adviser on transgender health refused to share data about his clinic’s patients with the Cass Review. Dr Hilary Cass said efforts to track the journeys of around 9,000 children who went on to be seen by adult services were “thwarted” by the refusal of clinics to provide evidence.

Researchers were trying to establish the long-term consequences of medical interventions by seeking data from adult clinics, which take patients from the age of 16. Six of the seven clinics which run adult gender services refused to comply with the request.

Thus revealing themselves to be not “clinics” at all but political headquarters. Transitude is all in the head, so evidence is beside the point; all that matters is loyalty, determination, omertà.

They include the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health, one of the leading centres in the country. Dr Derek Glidden, its clinical director, refused to comply despite being NHS England’s gender dysphoria national speciality adviser.

He chairs the NHS England Clinical Reference Group on gender dysphoria, while another of its five members, Dr Laura Charlton, the clinical lead at Leeds Gender Identity Clinic, also refused to participate in the research.

Why would they refuse to share data? Why would they handicap the research?

My guess is because at bottom they don’t see it as a matter of research but as a political movement. If trans is political rather than medical then data and research are beside the point; loyalty and commitment are all.

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