Lying right in the headline

Another ratchet. It’s usual for the news media to admit they’re talking about a trans person at least once, isn’t it? As opposed to just straight-up leaving that little detail out when reporting on a gruesome murder by a revolting sadistic man?

Cat-killing woman guilty of murdering man as he walked home in Oxford

But he’s not a woman, he’s a trans woman. Yet the Guardian never once mentions that fact. Not once. Lie after lie after lie after lie.

A woman who livestreamed herself killing, dissecting and blending the body of a cat before months later brutally attacking a man and leaving him to drown to death in a river has been convicted of murder.

Scarlet Blake, 26, targeted Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, as he walked home from a night out in Oxford in July 2021. She led him to a secluded riverbank where he was hit on the back of the head with a vodka bottle, strangled and then pushed into the River Cherwell where he drowned, Oxford crown court heard.

[Also odd, though not so directly woman-hating, to switch to the agentless passive at the moment of the murder. “he was hit on the back of the head with a vodka bottle, strangled and then pushed into the River Cherwell” by whom? On second thought maybe it is still part of the woman hating, because it would strain credulity a little to say “she” did all that.]

During the trial, the court heard Carreno had been out with co-workers in Oxford city centre and was trying to get home when Blake found him sitting in the street.

She was captured on CCTV walking the streets of Oxford wearing a heavy military-style hooded jacket, face mask and carrying a rucksack, looking for a victim.

Prosecutors suggested she was carrying a “murder kit” in her rucksack, including a garotte and leopard-print dressing gown cord, which she rejected. 

Prosecutors said Blake had an “extreme interest in death and in harm” and got sexual gratification from violence and killings. At one point, jurors were shown a disturbing video of Blake consensually tying a ligature around her then partner’s neck from behind and pulling it tight until she appeared to fall unconscious.

Never once in the entire article does the Graun admit Blake is not a woman.

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