No not you, get out

This is just unabashed sadistic bullying.

They booked the stand at least three weeks ago, and the bullies wait until the last minute to say “Nope we changed our minds hahaha neener neener.”

Filia’s statement:

Women’s rights charity FiLiA had booked a stand at Plaid Cymru Conference, hoping to use the opportunity to talk to delegates and Plaid Cymru politicians about a range of grass roots campaigns they support.

With less than 48 hours to go, the charity was told that they would not be welcome, and their stall booking was revoked.

FiLiA hosts the largest annual grassroots feminist conference in Europe. In 2022 FiLiA spent a year in Cardiff in the lead up to an event that saw over 1,500 women from Wales and beyond attend to discuss topics ranging from family courts to police perpetrated abuse, the environment, migration and motherhood.

Throughout 2022 FiLiA supported local women to learn to swim, campaign and make banners. We launched the international Hague Mothers project and held sessions in fundraising, art for women with mental health issues and more.

Never mind all that; men who pretend to be women don’t like it, and they get the last word no matter what.

The reason given by Plaid Cymru for excluding FiLiA from their conference is as follows:


“While there are many issues and campaigns on which I expect we would agree, it has come to my attention that some of FiLiA’s positions are potentially contrary to the party’s values – for instance on trans rights.

For instance??? Give me a break. We all know that’s the only issue that counts and the only one that prompts people to act like shits in this way.

We welcome robust debate, but must balance this with the need for our delegates from all backgrounds to feel as though the party conference is a safe space for them to express their identity comfortably.

What? What need is that? How are feminist women going to feel as though the party conference is a safe space for them to express their identity comfortably?

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