Opportunities were missed

The Beeb:

Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens should never have been a police officer and opportunities were missed to stop him, an inquiry has said. A radical overhaul of police vetting and recruitment is needed now, the independent review found.

Police “repeatedly failed” to spot warning signs about his unsuitability to be an officer, the inquiry said, and it identified at least five incidents which were not reported to police. The inquiry said this included evidence Couzens allegedly committed a very serious sexual assault against a child, described as barely in her teens, before his policing career began.

Yebbut boys will be boys. It’s just nature. You can’t correct nature. You want the cops to be tough and scary, right? Macho? Macho men will be macho men. If you weed them all out you’ll have nothing but wimps and [shudder] women in the police.

His crimes were “the culmination of a trajectory of sexually motivated behaviour and offending”, including indecent exposure, the sexual assault on a child, sexual touching and sharing unsolicited photos of his genitals, the report found.

He was a horn dog, we get it. Horn dogs make great cops.

The report found that “Couzens’ crimes “sit on the same continuum” as sexist and misogynistic behaviour within police culture.” Imagine our surprise.

Sexist misogynistic behavior is everywhere, so it’s going to be within police culture unless the police can get it into their heads that women are people too. These days they seem to be too busy sobbing over the plight of their trans mates to fix their attitudes to women.

Jamie Klingler who founded the group Reclaim These Streets in the wake of Ms Everard’s murder said she felt worse about women’s safety and police conduct than she did three years ago. “I’m not scared there’s one more Wayne Couzens on the Metropolitan Police, I’m scared there’s many, many of them,” she said.

Never mind that, what have you done to validate and uplift our trans fam lately?

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