Same old boss

Julie Bindel on Labour’s contempt for women:

The Labour Party has managed to do it again: declare a war on women whilst attempting to appear to be very female friendly. The party claims it will halve violence against women and girls and make the streets safer for women to walk, even as it edges towards self-identification for men that claim to be female. What this translates into is fear and danger for women. 

They can’t halve violence against women and girls and make the streets safer for women to walk just by flapping their hands, or saying words, or looking solidarityish. They sure as hell can’t do it by making it easier for men to invade women’s spaces and take women’s jobs.

Starmer, who goes back and forth on whether or not a woman can have a penis, and who gave the appearance of standing by as a Labour MP Rosie Duffield was bullied and defamed within the party he leads, is now proposing to “modernise, simplify and reform” the “intrusive and outdated” gender recognition system.

You know what else is intrusive? Men in women’s spaces, taking women’s prizes, talking over women, telling women to stfu, calling women names, getting women punished and fired and banned.

The Labour Party has always had a woman problem, but right now, after years of this nonsense, I am veering towards thinking that it hates women. The bearded brocalists shilling for trans rights are misogynists wearing a rainbow flag. For decades, women have put up with the sexism within the party, from the unbridled, unreconstructed “beer and sandwiches” culture of the 1970s, through to the modern day version we are experiencing right now.

There was a time when we thought we’d won that fight, that men got it at last. Silly silly us.

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