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Trump is trying to get the peons to pay his legal bills.

Donald Trump has sent out a panicked fundraising message to his supporters as he begs them to help foot his ballooning legal bills.

The desperate memo, titled “Keep your filthy hands off Trump Tower!”, comes as the Monday deadline to pay his $464m bond in his New York fraud trial judgement ticks ever closer.

I wonder how many shlubs will think it makes sense for them to help Trump hang on to his expensive luxuries.

The frantic tone of the plea stands in stark contrast to the statement issued by Trump spokesman Steven Cheung to CNN on Wednesday in which he dismissed the network’s reporting that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was in “panic mode” over the matter as “pure bullshit and fake news”.

With interest ticking ever-upwards at 9 per cent or $120,000 per day, the exact total he owes at the time of writing (Thursday 21 March) stands at a staggering $467.6m, according to the helpful Trump Debt Counter website.

The former president has hotly objected to a “fire sale” of his property empire – selling off assets to generate cash to meet the bond.

And instead, he wants people who have far less money than he does to bail him out. That seems fair.

Assuming his legal team cannot secure a pause in the enforcement of the financial portion of the judgement in the meantime, allowing Monday’s deadline to pass would enable Ms James to begin taking charge of his assets and leave Mr Trump to gamble on him being able to recover them later via an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Welp, next week could be interesting.

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