Speaking of “deliberate provocations”

Scottish DARVO:

A senior SNP politician has accused JK Rowling of wasting police time and attacking Scottish “societal values” by testing new hate crime laws.

Rowling is wasting police time? I’d say it’s the SNP lawmakers who are wasting police time.

Karen Adam, who is convener of Holyrood’s equalities committee, launched a thinly veiled attack on the Harry Potter author in a defence of Humza Yousaf’s controversial legislation, which she hailed as an “incredible example of our commitment to justice”.

It’s incredible all right, but not as an example of any kind of commitment to justice.

On the first day that the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act came into force, Rowling deliberately “misgendered” a series of high-profile trans women, calling them men and challenging Police Scotland to arrest her.

You mean Rowling called some men “men.” What’s your point?

Writing in her column in The National, a pro-independence newspaper, Ms Adam took aim at “deliberate provocations seen in recent times where individuals had tested the boundaries of the legislation”. She added: “[They] do more than just waste police time, they strike at the very core of our societal values. These actions aren’t just about challenging a legal framework, they question our collective resolve to build a community where hatred finds no home.”

Hatred finds lots of homes in Scotland: hatred of women who know what a man is and won’t shut up is rampant there. Ms Adam is demonstrating it herself.

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