Arrest that woman!

“Scotland will do it! Tell Scotland! Scotland will hit her for us!”

Trans rights activists are attempting to have JK Rowling arrested by Scottish police over “misgendering” after a complaint was dismissed in England.

Northumbria Police last week confirmed that it did not believe the Harry Potter author had committed a criminal offence by publicly calling India Willoughby, a transgender TV personality, a male.

Willoughby had gone to police claiming Rowling had “definitely committed a crime” by referring to the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant as male.

Willoughby is definitely a man, and a nasty aggressive bullying man at that.

The 58-year-old former newsreader has vowed to appeal against “their decision not to prosecute” and is to request a review of the decision.

His spite is a thing of wonder.

Scotland has a different legal system than [from] England, with a controversial hate crime law, which was passed by MSPs exactly three years ago on Monday, due to come into force on April 1.

Brilliant choice of date.

In a letter to Holyrood’s criminal justice committee, the Edinburgh-based policy analysis group Murray Blackburn Mackenzie (MBM) raised concerns about implementation of the new law, which creates a new offence of “stirring up hatred” against protected groups, including trans people.

“Despite a clear promise made in the Parliament, over the three years since the Act was passed, the government has done nothing to engage with those concerned about the impact of the Bill on freedom of expression on questions of sex and gender identity,” MBM said. “MSPs emphasised the importance of police training, but what’s happening there is still unknown. The whole process has been a black box of top-down, closed policy-making, that does not inspire confidence.”

That’s for damn sure.

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