The criminal threshold says it’s never heard of him

Turns out it’s not against the law to say water is wet.

Broadcaster India Willoughby’s accusation that author JK Rowling misgendered her online did not “meet the criminal threshold”, Northumbria Police have said. In an interview with Byline TV earlier this week, Willoughby, a trans woman and broadcaster, said she had reported the Harry Potter author to the police for calling her a man.

Let’s pause a minute. It can’t be made illegal to say a man is a man, because that would create total chaos. We’re allowed to know which sex is which, and we’re allowed to say which sex is which. If that changes none of the trains will run on time.

On Sunday, Rowling posted a criticism on X of trans women being allowed into women’s changing rooms and in the thread she spoke about Willoughby. The author wrote: “India didn’t become a woman. India is cosplaying a misogynistic male fantasy of what a woman is.”

In the interview with Byline TV, Willoughby, 58, said of the posts: “JK Rowling has definitely committed a crime. I’m legally a woman. She knows I’m a woman and she calls me a man. It’s a protected characteristic.” Willoughby added that she had contacted Northumbria Police to report Rowling’s comments, which she described as a “hate crime”.

Which makes him a man who is also a shameless bully, and quite stupid.

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