Why him?

Why would any radio personality bring in India Willoughby of all people to talk about hate?

James O’Brien spoke to former Loose Women panellist and trans woman India Willougby after two men were stabbed outside a Clapham gay bar in a homophobic attack, as police hunt for the knifeman.

Why? Why not talk to a gay man rather than a man who calls himself a woman? Especially when the man who calls himself a woman is the venomous misogyny-mongering horror show that is India Willoughby?

India said to James: “You see attacks on drag queens, drag queen storytime. Now drag is not trans. Drag is gay culture and for me, thugs and bullies, they do not differentiate when you’re out and about whether you’re gay or trans.

“They’re not checking who you are before throwing a punch, you’re all the same.”

Why get him in to change the subject to trans? Why get him in to bring the conversation around to himself?

India went on to say: “It’s all the responsibility of, to me as somebody who is trans, it’s the government, it’s British media who stand these flames in a horrendous way and unfortunately the gender critical movement.

“So it’s those three components that have all come together and you cannot control hate. Once you give permission to hate one group it goes elsewhere.”

Why bring him in to blame feminist women for male gay-bashing?

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